28 November 2006

Made My Day

I'm practically counting the minutes until the end of the semester, and hoping I don't throttle anyone before I get there. All I want to do is curl up in a corner with my knitting, some chocolate, and a great big margarita.

But then today I received such a great package from Alvina in Singapore! Look! Even the package itself is cute:

There was so much great stuff in here that I can hardly fit it all in one picture:

Fun stuff for the kids, great Australian tie for Hubby, beautiful blouse and three (!) pairs of Alvina's earrings for me, lots of great snacks (I love the salad crackers!), and well, so much more. Doesn't the hat look cute on Thing 1? Doesn't Ruthie look impressed, too?

Many thanks, Alvina!!!


Kelly said...

What a great package and yes the hat does look cute on your daughter!

Anonymous said...

hi!! here heloise, from italy.. i'd love to swap with you, but i prefer to do it after xmas holydays, if you are ok!! =)