21 November 2006

Slow Boat from the Netherlands

Remember how a package recently took 3 months to get here from Singapore? Well, today's wonderful package took "only" a month or so to arrive from the Netherlands. Oddly, the package Myriam mailed me the day after this one arrived weeks ago. Apparently, the USPS is randomly routing some international packages via Purgatory. Anyway, look what I got!

If you can, click to enlarge so you can see the cute cute cute ghost that Myriam made, as well as the adorable bunny that arrived last month. That yarn is handspun near Myriam, and the licorice and gingerbread will not last long at all.

The pen isn't from Myriam. It's just the time of year when red pens are everywhere.

Here you can see the Things attempting to learn Dutch, and yes, Thing 1 has a new addition to her (sizable, thanks to you guys!) snowglobe collection.

Thank you so much Myriam!
Getting packages in the mail is one of my favorite things in the world, no matter how long they took to get here.

1 comment:

Myriam said...

Oh good!

I' m so glad it finally arrived. I was just about to make another package for you because I thought this one was lost. Hopefully the gingerbread is still edible...

Thank you for swapping. Maybe we can swap again next year (for the waldorfdoll:o))?