25 November 2006

Shopping Idea

So, like me, you're doing some of your holiday shopping online. I recommend that you check out the store at the Hunger Site. Why?
  • They have a really nice selection of things to please just about anyone on you list. I'm drooling over the Peruvian vitro glass jewelry, but there's lots and lots of other nice stuff.
  • They have yarn! Including banana fiber and recycled sari.
  • Their prices are very good.
  • They're having a special now: $1 shipping on all US orders. They ship internationally, too, for $9.95 per order.
  • For every purchase you make, food will be donated to the hungry (the site keeps track of how many cups)
  • Many of the goods offered for sale are fair-trade or the products of cooperative efforts
  • You can add to your shopping cart donations such as sending girls in Afghanistan to school ($20), stuffed bears for AIDS orphans in Africa ($15), or a feeding kit for infants in Niger ($20)

If world hunger isn't your cause of choice, you can order instead via one of their sister sites: The Breast Cancer Site, the Child Health Site, the Literacy Site, the Rainforest Site, and the Animal Rescue Site.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from them last year and was very pleased with the quick shipping.

Okay, commercial over.


Anonymous said...

hi pal -- what a wonderful idea! i always feel so stressed at the holidays "having" to buy family gifts -- and many are blessed in that they do not need more stuff. the site has some beautiful things (hello? pashmina!!) and my boyfriend and i already decided it will be the perfect place to get gifts this year. thanks for the tip!

hope you had a great thanksgiving -- glad to see you're knitting up some of that noro! it is looking beautiful!

love, your pal

Kelly said...

Thanks for the links. I have ordered a few things from the hungers site before. They do have great stuff and nice that you can help others while shopping for Christmas. Hope you had a nice holiday!