07 November 2006

This and That

  • Thanks for all the nice comments on Solresol, folks! I'm so glad to know I'm wasn't completely crazy when I thought it was a really cool idea. I'd love to see your finished bags, too. Incidentally, I got the inspiration when I read the book Banvard's Folly. I can heartily recommend the book to fans of the eccentric and esoteric. There's a whole chapter on Solresol. And Gail has posted my pattern on the Island of Misfit Patterns. Thanks, Gail!
  • I voted via absentee ballot. The ballot was so long it required extra postage. Don't you wish that once you voted you got some special code that allowed you to skip political commercials and phone calls? Not that it's not fun to see which celebrity will call you next. We scored Clint Eastwood this week. And that secret code? That should work for NPR--once you give them your money, no more having to listen to Begging for Money Week.
  • The new AntiCraft is up.
  • I finally have a new FO. It's Bombshell from Big Girl Knits. It's knitted in scrumptious Lion & Lamb in a wonderful "Here I Am!" red (technically, the color name is Bold Red, but that's kinda boring), and it's a perfect weight for Fall in the Central Valley--where it's in the low 80's right now but will be in the low 40's by tomorrow night. It's not blocked yet, but here it is:


Leanne said...

It's lovely! That's on my (long) list of eventual to-do's as well. But since it's nowhere near short-sleeve wearing weather here in the Great White North, that one's on hold until Spring!

Kelly said...

Beautiful sweater!

Cece said...


I think we need to see a modeled picture...