19 November 2006

Failed Photography

I have been trying to get a good picture of the Things for our holiday card. Here is today's failed attempt:

Thing 1 kept complaining that the sun hurt her eyes. When I pointed out that today it's gray out and no sun is visible, she claimed that the air hurt her eyes. Apparently, Thing 2 is impervious to sun and air.

It was much easier to get a shot of the Travelling Roses scarf Leanne sent me, and which Knatolee requested a picture of:

Leanne and Knat, you should meet someday. You're practically neighbors, and you're both nice, creative people with interesting jobs.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

It is difficult to take a decent picture of more than one kid. When I take pictures of my kids one usually has their eyes closed or they aren't looking at the camera or my oldest son is making a silly face.

The scarf is beautiful!