20 November 2006

Monday ravings

  • I occasionally get cravings. They're always for something extremely specific, and never for something we actually have in the house (of course). But they're usually for something I could possibly obtain within, say, a 2 hour drive. Today, though, I have a hankering for a turkey burger from Burgerville. The nearest Burgerville is something like 600 miles away. Woe is me.
  • There is no end to the idiocy of academic administrators.
  • I got a surprise call today from a cousin whom I haven't spoken to in years, and whom I haven't seen since dinosaurs roamed the earth high school. He's visiting his inlaws a couple hours away, and may be able to visit. Wouldn't that be cool?
  • It's been grey here for the last several days. In my opinion, if it's going to be grey anyway, it might as well rain, but it hasn't.
  • Last night I engaged in a Thanksgiving tradition by making 2 batches of onion rolls. These rolls are great warm with butter on them, but they truly reach their potential when they're used for leftover turkey sandwiches. Mmmm. Anyone want the recipe? It's my Mom's.
  • We just bought our plane tickets to Orlando for our February trip to Disneyworld. $225 round-trip. Can't beat that.
  • A student complained to me today because he wasn't advised that when he took the exact same class at the community college and then from us, that the units wouldn't count. Of course, you'd think he might've noticed on his own that the class had the same name and content, but I guess not. And he still can't remember exactly which class it was, so he may be aiming for a third time.
  • I took Ruthie with me today to pick Thing 1 up from school. One child took a look at Ruth and asked me, "Is that a real dog?!?"
  • The other day I mentioned to Thing 2 that I'm a teacher. She started laughing. "You're not a teacher! You're a mommy!" I explained that a person can be both. She retorted, "But you can't be a teacher because teachers don't have bumpy hair. Teachers have straight hair." I guess none of her teachers have curls.

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Knatolee said...

Onion roll recipe, pretty please! :)