09 November 2006

Slow Boat from China

Several months ago, I arranged a swap with Liz in Singapore via Gimmeyourstuff. She got my package, but I never received hers. I'd given up. But guess what arrived today, three months later?:

That's a pile of kids' books in Chinese and English, candy from Singapore, beads, and delicious-smelling chocolate drink packets from Spain. Wonderful! And the timing is actually good--I've had a rough week, and I'm ready to starting mainlining chocolate. Thank you, Lizzy!

Thing 1 is my ever-present, ever-willing model. It was coldish out today. Poor kid was freezing in her gymnastics leotard. Notice the new front teeth on their way in?

Here's my latest FO:

This teeny-tiny little hat is made from the remains of my Lion & Lamb, and it's going to Caps to the Capital. I'll be making a few more, and I hope you all do, too. Even for a slow knitter with carpal tunnel syndrome, it takes only a couple hours, and it uses a tiny bit of stash yarn. After the hats are made, I'll be knitting five things for the Dulaan Project. I can't feel guilty about using my hand if it's for a good cause, right?


Kelly said...

Looks like a fun package! The hat is really cute.

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to this. My very first swap with a fellow swapper at Gimme Your Stuff was a total let down. My swap buddy did not send my parcel and went totally silent after receiving hers. Very disappointing indeed! Luckily there's such a thing as karma. What goes around comes around..

dephal said...

I should clarify--this wasn't Lizzy's fault. The package got caught up in customs or lost for a while (and run over by several mailtrucks, by the look of it).

That's really too bad about your swap, Alvina! :-(