08 December 2006

Socks done

I finally finished this pair of socks. The pattern is Butterfly Bows from Socks Socks Socks, but I added a fur cuff. The sock's knitted in Regia 4-ply with a Berroco Sizzle Bright cuff. These are going to a family member who has much longer feet than I do, so they took me longer to knit and they look sort of dorky on my home-made sock blocker. But I'm pleased with the result. I think they look festive. :-)

Winter Knitty is up today. Lots of cute patterns, but not, of course, my own Solresol. But I've put a permanent link to Solresol here, off in the left-hand column. And the Berroco email I got today had a link to free patterns for very cute tiger and dog puppets. Susan, it's supposed to be a Siberian tiger! Also a pattern for catnip mice, but who really needs a pattern for that?


Kelly said...

Cute socks and thanks for the heads up on the winter knitty. I'll have to head on over and check it out!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME socks! I love the colour and the fringe.

ANd no Solresol pattern because they are STOOOOOOOOOOOPID! STOOOOOOOOPID!

sibtigre2 said...

Beautiful socks!

Siberian Tiger you say? I may have to go check that out! :)

dephal said...

Thanks, guys! I'm not usually a huge fan of pink or fur yarns, but well, sometimes it just works. :-)

And thanls, Knat. :-)