05 February 2007


Disney is having a"Magical Moments"promotion this year, which involves granting a variety of "wishes" to random visitors. This morning when we arrived at Epcot, Hubby and Thing 1 boarded a ride that Thing 2 is too short for. T2 and I went to wait in the gift shop, where the ride unloads. A "cast member" (what Disney calls its employees) invited T2 to play a game, then gave her a certificate. Very cute.

Around 6pm, our group was deciding whether to wait an hour in line for the Test Track ride. Some of us had ridden it in the morning, and it's a favorite. A cast member came up and told us we were the Family of the Hour. She took us in the back way, directly to the head of the line. Which was great enough, but then when the ride was over, we got to stay on again for a second go-round. How cool is that?


Kelly said...

Very cool! Glad you're all having a great time.

Knatolee said...

Famly of the Hour? EXCELLENT!

Craft Princess said...

Well done my friend :) I knew you could clinch the title hands down. Yippie.. Yay!

ruthie said...

So glad you're having such a great time!! :-)
how's your hand? and Ruthie? no news about your 2nd package yet?

dephal said...

Thanks, guys!
My hand is great, Ruthie's playing happily with pals at our favorite dog hotel, and our mail is (hopefully!) being held for us at the post office. I hope your package will be there when I get home, Ruthie.