12 February 2007

Home again home again

We've survived another cross-country plane trip with the Things and are now back home. I was going to post some Disney pix, but Thing 2 generously shared a cold with us all, and I'm pretty wiped. Disney will wait. I had to post these pix today, though.

A package was waiting for me from Ruthie in Bulgaria. Everything was beautifully wrapped, but of course I excitedly tore the wrapping right off. Ruthie sent 3 beautiful bags she made, 2 of felt and 1 in a cute cute animal print. As you can see, she sent a bunch of other lovely things, too, including the Bulgarian dog cookies of which my Ruthie is so fond. What a wonderful package! Thank you, Ruthie!

Today is Thing 2's fourth birthday. Due to the Disney trip, we skipped a fancy party and just had a small family celebration. Chocolate cake was included.


ruthie said...

glad you liked it :-)
happy birthday to your sweet and beautiful daughter. "chestit roshden den"--> in bulgarian

Robin's Reports said...

Happy Birthday to Thing 2!!! Doesn't she look cute with cake on her face!

I'm so sorry to hear that you all ended up sick! We're still good, so we didn't catch it.

Your box of chocolates look divine!

dephal said...

Thanks, Ruthie and Robin!