16 February 2007

Zippidy Doo Dah

After I was all grouchy and everything yesterday, look what arrived in the mail for me today:

It's my final package from my talented and generous Secret Pal, Kate! I've spent the day petting that lovely purple Alchemy yarn and as for the Reeses, well, let's just say they went to a good cause. And if you admired that sock yarn Kate dyed for me last time, she has an Etsy store. :-)

Well, that package definitely set today on a better course. Then I decided not to go into the office--always a happy choice. I did go see the orthopedist, who announced that I've been healing extremely well--just a bit of tenderness left--and I don't have to visit him again. And that's the last you'll hear about my hand, I promise!

Here for your amusement is another Disney picture.

This was taken on our very first day at the parks, when Thing 1 ignored the zillionth command not to run, and she fell and skinned both knees. I love her expression, which clearly says, "I want pity but I can't whine because I know it was my own darn fault so I'll just look pained." She survived. And remembered not to run--for about an hour.


Kelly said...

Great goodies! Glad to here your hand is better!

Knatolee said...

My, I love seeing your packages of goodies! It seems like you get something every day.

Poooooor Thing 1... that'll learn ya to listen to yer parents! I have sympathy for her plight. I know I was guilty of similar things as a child. :)

Emily said...

Love the face on that little one. Classic. :P