29 March 2007

Destruction & a Package

Here is what my butler's pantry looks like right now. The kitchen island is similarly denuded, as soon will be the rest of the counters. Isn't hubby good at destruction? It'll all look nice in granite.

And, incidentally, I think that if one has a butler's pantry, one should also have a butler to go with it. Seems only right.

Today I received a wonderful package from Alvina in Singapore. This is our 4th swap! We ended up with a Disney theme this time, but Alvina also included a bunch of other goodies like an issue of Cotton Time that I'm very excited about. Does Thing 1 look cute in that hat or what? Thank you Alvina for another wonderful swap!


Kelly said...

She looks adorable in her hat. What a cool package!

Knatolee said...

The hat is super cute, but the model is even cuter! BUt I think she might have to duke it out with Ruthie for America's Next Top Model!