10 March 2007

Fruit, finished, fun, and French food

The cherimoya is ripe. Cherimoyas are a subtropical fruit grown in Chile and California. They're delicious--they taste sort of like pineapple vanilla custard. You can just scoop the fruit out with a spoon and gobble it.

Aside from the price, there's only one problem with cherimoyas:

That's a lot of humungo seeds!

Square # 6:

As busy as I've been, I've been hesitant to commit to any project bigger than an afghan block. At least this way I get some feeling of accomplishing something! Oh, and by the way, the Spring Knitty is up.

It's a beautiful day. Here's Ruthie, Thing 1, and the neighbors "helping" me weed.

I'm finding a lot of that snail's friends and relatives. Yes, we do have enormous snails here. I've read that they're not a native species, but are actually escapees from a 19th century French restaurant. You'd think it'd be easy to keep snails from escaping. I don't know if that story is true, but I've heard it from a couple of sources, and I do know these guys are edible. One of my colleagues collects them, feeds them on cornmeal for a while, then cooks 'em. Bully for him, but I'll pass, thanks.


Robin's Reports said...

I have to laugh at your below picture of the slug - yes! what a difference a shell makes. I love your new "square". It reminds me of a doggie coat for winter. Cool colors.

Interesting fruit. We don't have those here.

Knatolee said...

Oh oh oh!! CHerimoyas are custard apples!!! I had one in Sri Lanka last year and it was divine. I didn't recognize it until you cut it open. I have never seen them here but I bet I could find 'em somewhere in Ottawa. They are sooooooo good!

And that is just hilarious about the escapee snails...

Kelly said...

I've never heard of that fruit before. It looks really interesting! Your square looks great!