03 March 2007

An FO at last

It's not a very big O, but at least it's F, which means I actually had a couple hours to sit and knit. It's block #5 in the Lizard Ridge afghan. Only 19 more to go.
I'm so totally in love with Kureyon. Every time I knit another block, I say to myself, "This is my favorite Kureyon colorway!" Then I get to the next block and the next colorway and I say the same thing. I had quite a stash of individual balls of the stuff, which I'm gradually working my way through. I'm exercising tremendous self-restraint in not acquiring more until my Kureyon stash is gone. Well, almost, because I joined Yarniverse's Kureyon club, which means they send me a single ball in a new color every 6 weeks or so.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Beautiful square! Kureyon is so much fun to work with. The colors are so rich and vibrant.