27 March 2007


I finally finished square #7. See? I think if I were to make a sweater or something in Kureyon, I might choose this colorway.

When I was in Portland last week, I acquired several skeins of Kureyon at Knit Purl. When she went to ring up my purchases, the really nice and helpful woman there (the owner, maybe?) said, "Oh, there's this great pattern on Knitty for Kureyon..." and of course she was referring to Lizard Ridge. She told me she's been a bit of a commitment-phobe about large projects, so I told her to try this one. If you're in Portland, do stop by Knit Purl (conveniently located a few blocks from Mecca Powells). They have a particularly nice selection, including lots of Habu and other hard to find high end stuff. Even their window display is cute. I was lucky to leave with my credit card intact. I keep justifying to myself it's a bargain because there's no sales tax in Oregon. Right.

After that super-whiny last blog entry, today I did something I should've done last week: I called in sick. After getting the Things off to school, I went back to bed and stayed there until 11 am (only interrupted by 4 phone calls and an attempted delivery of our new floor). I'm still working now, but at least I feel a little rested.


Kelly said...

Glad you were able to get some rest! Love the square, it reminds me of berries.

Emily said...

Good for you for taking some time off. :)

And, Powells is awesome. A few years ago, my mother asked my father for a trip to Powells as her Hanukkah gift (they live in the Bay Area). She's a bookaholic.

eve said...


There is som Saint-Mail on his way over the ocean!