28 August 2008

Inspire Me!

Way back BC (Before Children) I used to like to do some creative writing. I've posted some of my old stuff on Live Journal, if you want to read. But in recent years, my responsibilities have been piling up and I haven't done anything but academic writing. I miss the fun stuff.

I used to also keep a journal of sorts, and, as a self-prompting exercise, each entry would include just the first sentence of a story. Some of those sentences eventually made their way into stories I wrote. Most didn't.

So...I thought maybe I'd try to get some creative juices flowing again, and maybe I'd start with those old sentences. Here's the deal: I'm going to write 5 of those sentences below. You vote in the comments for one. Whichever gets the most votes by September 6 gets turned into an actual story. I have no idea yet where any of these sentences will go. So, folks, please. Vote and inspire me. :-)

  1. She had her own web page.
  2. He was going to have to start over.
  3. As always, she burned her tongue drinking her hot chocolate.
  4. Nick Ford was stopped at a red light on Ninth Street when he decided to become a woman.
  5. I wouldn't have done it under normal circumstances.


Lauren said...

I vote for "I wouldn't have done it under normal circumstances."

It just sounds like it would lead to such a fascinating account... And then what happens afterwards!

Knatolee said...

#3, the burned tongue!!

Leanne said...

I'm intrigued by #5, so that gets my vote.

Mim said...

#5, definitely, #5.

Dad said...

#5 - It's the most open ended

Mom said...

#5 I'll be waiting to hear what you do with it.

Angela said...

I like 5 too!

Nancy said...

Definitely #5.