16 August 2008

Lizzie and Lizard

Thanks for the comments yesterday, Sharon and Angela! :-) No, I haven't finished Lizzie yet. Still need to block and assemble, and it's too hot to think about afghans right now.

But, speaking of Lizzie...or at least lizard...look at what Hubby rescued from the pool this afternoon:

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?!? Look at those itsy bitsy claws and those bulgy little eyes! (click on the pic for a close-up view of the lizard and my hairy arm). I think it's a baby of the same species I fished out of the pool earlier this year. From nose to tail-tip, this little guy was shorter than my index finger. He (she?) was just fine, and seemed perfectly happy perched on me. In fact, when I tried to put him down in a nice sunny spot next to my orange tree, he tried to climb up my arm. I wonder what kind of critters such a tiny thing eats? I wish I'd been able to get a better picture, but it's hard to get a good shot with a tickly lizard on one arm, the sun shining brightly on the camera viewscreen, and two pool-wet Things helpfully dripping all over you.


Knatolee said...

Another daring herpetological rescue! Yaaaaaaay!He is adorable. :)

Angela said...

Cute! Wow, in the close up he looks like he's sort of floating on your arm. At least s/he was being friendly and not digging those little claws in!

Crowzma said...

Now THAT is cute. He looks like a wee 'gator when you see his back up close, but that head is so sweet and round and neotonous, who couldn't love him?