23 August 2008

Saturday Update

Thanks so much for the comments, you guys! Keep them coming! :-)

So Thing 1 started 4th grade this week, and seems very happy with it. I'm not too thrilled with the school district, though, because (without notifying anyone!) they messed with the bus schedule. Now, instead of being the last stop of the morning, T1 is the first. That means I have to get her out the door nearly an hour earlier, and that means we have to get up nearly an hour earlier. Joy.

Thing 2 officially becomes a kindergartener on Monday. No bus problems with her--she commutes to school with Hubby.

I have been dealing with a moderate administrative crisis at work. And yesterday I attended a freshman orientation. One of the girls there was wearing a Ramones shirt, which amused me because I owned a Ramones shirt back when I was in high school, probably 6 years before this kid was born. I even almost went to a Ramones concert, but it was on a school night, and my cruel, mean parents wouldn't let me go.

Today I dyed my hair blue. It'll probably wash out before classes begin. I don't know what reaction 100 plus freshman Intro students would have if their professor showed up with blue hair, black fingernails, and a tattoo. Oh, and I have a meeting with a police chief coming up, too. I rather like the blue, though; it's almost the same color as my eyes.

This week I finished the last season of Angel, and we've now begun season 2 of Dexter. I don't usually watch cop shows--too much like work--but Dexter is really fun.

Hubby has two--count 'em, two--fantasy football drafts this weekend. So in exchange, he has taken the Things for the day. They are currently at the movies. This is why I had time to finish line editing a chapter, dye my hair, polish of the next Anita Blake novel, and post this update. :-)


Sharon in San Francisco said...

I dunno...Maybe your freshman would think it was cool that their Intro prof has blue hair, black fingernails and a tattoo....the police chief? Hmmm...maybe not!

I wonder what Ruthie thought???

Angela said...

Now you know we've GOT to see this hair. You know that, right???


Robin's Reports said...

I need pictures. I don't see too much blue hair here. Mostly red & pinks. Honestly, blue hair reminds me of what I call some of those "older" folks. (LOL - you didn't hear me say that)

Anyhow, you radical thing you!! Hope you have a great weekend.

Crowzma said...

You really are just barely hiding that punk beneath a veneer of civility, aren't you? I think the blue hair with those boots ... yeah, and a lizard on your shoulder (to go with my rat, of course.)

dephal said...

Sharon, I wasn't cool when I was 18, so it's very unlikely that 18-year-olds would find me cool now. Ruthie doesn't care. :-)

Robin, I hope I didn't look too much like a Blue Haired Lady of a Certain Age. ;-)

And Crowzma, there are some days when that veneer is very, very thin....Yay for the rat! I've always liked the critters. Remind me someday to tell you about my Intro Psych rat.

Mim said...

Good for you, you really might give those freshman the opportunity to know that we get cooler with age! I miss teaching first year students. I'm not sure they thought I was cool, with the platinum hair, blue nails, tatt, but maybe they did pay attention more? Good luck with your new school year.

Anonymous said...

Start with I wouldn't have done it under normal circumtances......