01 October 2008

More bragging

In my last post, I bragged on T1 and my students. Here's two more brags.

Today the director of T2's school mentioned that T2 is reading at a 3rd grade level. She's two months into kindergarten. The advanced reading is currently just great, because she's at a Montessori school, where kids sorta go at their own speeds. But it should be interesting next Fall, when T2 attends public 1st grade. I hope her teacher can keep her gainfully occupied, because a bored T2 is a dangerous T2.

Last night, I sent Hubby to the store with the Things to get two items: shoelaces for T2, and ginger ale for me, because that's what I like to drink when I'm sick. He came home with shoelaces, ice cream, cookies, potato chips, and a mop. No ginger ale. So then--without my making a fuss or asking him to do so--he went back to the store and got ginger ale (and Reese's Pieces for him, but nobody's perfect).

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