12 October 2008

We survived!

Thing 1 turned 9 on Friday and celebrated with a slumber party last night. She had 5 guests, but only 3 actually spent the night. Which is good, because the small group we did have made plenty of noise and stayed up till nearly 4 am. They had fun.

But I need to rant about parents. Several didn't RSVP at all. One kid's parents (whom we've never met before) not only failed to RSVP, but showed up to drop the kid off 2 hours early yesterday, and then picked her up nearly 2 hours late today. The girl actually is very sweet and I like her a lot (when Thing 2 was crying about having to go to bed and "miss all the fun," this girl read her a bedtime story). But what are these parents thinking??

Next weekend we're off to Disneyland, which was our present to T1.

Thanks for the feedback on my Poland trip. I'm excited about it! Knatolee, there is no excuse for my having never visited The Great White North. We're considering a drive up the west coast to BC (with stops in Portland and Seattle) as our major family vacation next year, though. Although certain members of the family have been lobbying heavily for Hawaii instead.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I've started watching True Blood on HBO. I'm still really enjoying it. And it has what I personally think is the best ever opening credits sequence. Perfect music, even.

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