01 October 2008


T1 did very well in the spelling bee; only about 6 kids remained after her. And considering that she was up against 5th and 6th graders, that's really good. She bombed out on indebted. I took her out for ice cream after.

Still have that stupid cold. Yesterday a student emailed to ask for an exam grade, which I couldn't give her because I was at home and the grades were at work. Look at this sweet message she sent back:
YES! I know how you feel. Hope you feel much better. Remember home is just one
call away. You should stay home for a while and visit your family. Get well soon.
See you on Thursday. :)

At least she and the other students in my Intro class will be pleased tomorrow when they get their tests back. They kicked butt. Average was 85, and two students got perfect scores. Yay! I've taught them something!

One thing I hate about parenting is the amount of pimping for fundraisers you get stuck doing. A few weeks ago T1 was selling wrapping paper for her school. Now T2 is selling frozen cookie dough for her school, while T1 is selling magazines, candy, and nuts for Girl Scouts. And we're still nowhere near Girl Scout cookie time yet. Anyone need magazine subscriptions? Sich.

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