09 April 2009

Momentarily Sorta Cool

I'm in LA for a couple days for a meeting. Drove down in Mick the Mini, listening to my new iPod Nano, so I didn't mind the drive at all. I picked up a colleague 100 miles down the road, so I had company 2/3 of the way, too. Even people in LA think my car is cool. They let me in when I have to change lanes, in a way they rarely do when I'm in my SUV. And two young guys driving a Mini with the exact same color scheme flashed me smiles and peace signs as I passed them.


Connordog said...

Not sorta cool! Very cool!

dephal said...

Thanks! :-) This evening in Santa Monica this woman mouthed at me "Love your car!" And in icky traffic on I10, people waved and let me cut in front of them. I love this car!