28 April 2009

Yet another note from T2

My Mom recently visited, and was discussing some distant cousins with the Things. I think that's what prompted this sweet note Thing 2 wrote today.

Dear cusens:
Wat is your names? I wont to play with you. Can you have a play dat with
me? How old ar you? Wat is your favrit color? My name is [T2] I am six years
old. I have a sister named [T1]. Wate grad are you in? My favret couler is

My kids don't actually have any first cousins, and no relatives at all close enough for a play date. :-(

1 comment:

KarmasKreations said...

Yeah. Sorry, no first cousins in the works any time soon, at least on this side of the family! Good thing she has her beloved big sis to pester, I mean, play with. (-: