17 April 2009

Water Rescue

It's Spring Break. My Mom's visiting, and today Hubby took the day off, too, so we went for a picnic at Yosemite Lake. Spike went too, and when he actually fell in the lake, Thing 1 had to mount a rescue operation:

Apparently, vampires don't float. Fortunately, they don't have to breathe, either, and the rescue was successful.

Thing 1, Vampire Rescuer.


Knatolee said...

EXCELLENT work, Thing 1!

Funny, I was listening to the soundtrack of the Buffy musical yesterday (you know, the episode that was a musical.) I really miss that show.

dephal said...

And that's funny, because last night we watched that episode on DVD. It's one of only two I've let Thing 1 watch.