30 May 2007

Hair and French Swap

Thing 2 has been begging me to cut her hair. This is traumatic for me because I've never had her hair cut since she was born (except the bangs). But I finally caved in because I was tired of hearing the "ouches" when I brushed her. We had a whole story going about the Tangle Fairy, who, according to Thing 2 lives either in Atwater or near Disneyland.
Meantime, Thing 1's hair was getting long, too. So a trip to Supercuts was definitely in order. In this series of photos, you see 1. Before 2. During and 3. After. They do look cute.

And here are the goodies that arrived today from Virginie in France:

It took forever for this package to get here, apparently because it was held up in Customs. Customs also opened the package of cookies that was inside, which meant they were mostly

crumbs by the time they got to me. We wouldn't want any dangerous French cookies to enter the country, would we? Anyway, the rest of the package was wonderful. Knatolee, take a look at the tea haul! There are 4 kinds of caramel teas alone. I'm going to have to drag out what's left of my high school French to try and read the books to the Things. :-) Thank you, Virginie!


Mim said...

Thing 1 & 2 are adorable. What great haircuts! I'm sure they feel very fabulous. Our daughter has curly hair, I have straight hair, so I never knew what to do for her when she was little. My husband had the task of detangling and brushing her hair. I figured he'd be better at it since he had curly-ish hair. When she finally got a REAL hair cut at age 9 she loved it.

eve said...

Hope the girls love the short hair. I have always a little crisis when I cut my hair. i want it cut and the moment it falls, i want it back....... That's why my DH has forbidden me to cut it!

;-)) Stupid ain't I ??


Knatolee said...

Ooooo! Elles sont très mignonnes!!

I hope this keeps the Tangle Fairy in Disneyland where she belongs. And I am très jalouse of your tea haul, ma chèrie!

Kelly said...

Their hair looks great!

You looks like you got some great stuff in your package.