26 May 2007


My parents are visiting with their dog Foenix. So this is what the family room looks like now. Where there's not dog, there's drool. We don't mind, though. Foenix is a love. And he and Ruthie are enjoying each other.

Here's my Mom teaching Thing 1 how to knit last night. She's getting the hang of it pretty quickly. I love the look of concentration on her face, tongue sticking out and all.

And yesterday a wonderful package arrived from Maggie in Bulgaria. It's so much fun to receive a box covered in Cyrillic! The inside of the box was even better, with lots of goodies. I'm glad Maggie sent rose soap, because I've just used up the soap that Ruthie sent me (Ruthie the person, not Ruthie the dog, of course!). There was a really cool postcard in the shape of Bulgaria.

But I think my favorite thing is this cute little ship. Thank you for everything, Maggie!


Kelly said...

That's great that your daughter is learning to knit! What a nice package.

Mim said...

Seeing your mom teaching your daughter is inspiring me. I want to teach our 6 year old cousin to do it. I love knitting. I found your blog because it was linked to someone elses but I can't remember who? Like you, I have 2 children (but now adults) teach at a univ. (but as adjunct) and am counting the days until Bush is out of office. I'm enjoying your blog very much.