21 May 2007


This tiny little amulet bag has taken me forever to knit. I guess it's the zillion beads and all the fussy little details. Plus, I managed to murder three beading needles in the process. It is pretty, though, isn't it? I guess now I need an amulet.
I think I'd prefer an amulet to protect me from Lame Excuses and General Irresponsibility. Why? Here's an email I received this evening; it's a good example of the communications I've been getting from students lately:
Hi Professor , this is [name deleted to protect the not-so innocent]. I believe you know
me but just in case you forgot im in your class. I have such a
huge dilemma right now. You might have noticed that i did not turn in a
group project. Well, to be completely honest with you I have no idea how
this happened but I honestly never knew about it. I know that sounds
really ridiculous and I am totally blown away how i never knew about it. I
was talking to my buddy in the class today and he totally blind sided me
with it. It is not like me at all to not do my work. I really dont
know what to do. I have only four classes left to graduate and plan
on graduating next semester. I really cannot afford to not pass this
class. So... My request would be to possibly do the project or
something, anything at all that would allow me to pass the class. I have
passed both my tests and turned in my assignments. I would really
appreciate anything you could do to help. I look forward to hearing
from you soon. Thank you very much.
Okay, never mind that the project is listed in the syllabus (it's 25% of their grade), and they received a several page handout on the project, and I spent most of a class period discussing it, and I mentioned it in class numerous times throughout the semester, and the rest of the class did oral presentations on their projects last week.
I must say, though, that what my students lack in responsibility and attention they nearly make up for in grovelling skills.


Knatolee said...

So, did you tell him to get stuffed?

Knatolee said...

Oh, and I meant to say, that looks like fetish bag. Are there some chicken gizzards in there or somethin'?

Margrethe said...

Thank you so much for the teas! I'm studying 24/7 right now to pass my final at friday, so great teas are pleasants breaks. :)

Emily said...

Do clueless students like this make you laugh or scream? And I too like the bag. Nice job.