08 May 2007

Summer's almost here

Never mind that last Thursday it only got to 60 degrees. Today it was in the upper 90s, which meant it was warm enough for the first swim of the year. I love it when the kids get to swim: they work off all sorts of energy while I get to sit in the shade and read magazines. I could knit, too, but the splashing danger's fairly substantial. I do have to pretend I don't see the weeds waiting to be pulled.
In the foreground you can see that our next major household project is underway, literally before the dust has settled from the kitchen. We're having solar panels installed. At least this project involves several days of pounding on the roof, rather than demolishing our kitchen. Heck, maybe it'll even scare away some of our pigeon squatters. When it's done, we should be able to generate a significant portion of our household electricity. I'm looking forward to watching the electric meter run backward!
Hubby will also be installing a solar pool heating system, which should extend our swimming season by a month or so each spring and fall. If there's one thing we have plenty of here in the Valley, it's sunshine. Might as well make use of it.


Kelly said...

The kids look like they enjoyed their first swim! My kids can't wait until it gets warm enough for swimming.

Knatolee said...

Solar panels, how excellent!

And I could go for a dip in that pool right now...