31 May 2007

Lots of FOs

Lots of yarn goodness today at my house.

Thing 1 completed her first knitted FO, a bookmark, which she gave to Thing 2 because green is T2's favorite color.

Ah, sisterly love. Almost makes you forget that 2 minutes later they were squabbling over puzzle pieces.

With some "assistance" by T2, I dyed a skein of Knitpicks Bare Superwash using Easter egg dyes. It's interesting. Kind of a tie-dye look. There are instructions here.

My Mom completed a project, too. It was supposed to be a placemat. Before felting, it made a pretty good Saint Bernard hat.

After felting, it made a really cool bowl, which we decided was better than a placemat anyway.

I love this swirl pattern. The yarn was some stuff we Kool-Aid dyed last year, and I like the colors, too. The pattern is in Felt It!


Emily said...

Love the bookmark she made. And I can't wait to see what you do with the hand-dyed yarn!

ruthie said...

cute little bookmark and Oh ruthie with the hat!!!! :-)
the swirl pattern is awesome!!