26 September 2007


I just noticed that September is the 3rd anniversary of this blog. I just read that half of all blogs don't make it past 2 years, so I guess 3 years is worth celebrating. I haven't borken the internets yet.

I'm so hapy with our solar electric system. Even though we had a week of 100 degree weather in late August, our electric bill for the end of August and beginning of September was $11.50. It's actually fun getting a bill like that!

Please forgive the crappy camera phone picture, but I wanted to show you this cat. He's one of the semi-feral cats that roam campus. They actually have a pretty good life--there's a group of people who feed them and look out for them, and of course students give them food too. And they get to spend their days wandering happily around or staking out gopher holes (which is what this guy is doing) or watching the ducks. Unfortunately, they are probably responsible for predating some of the baby waterfowl, but to be honest, I wouldn't regret a few less Canada geese around here. The geese claim a couple of key sidewalks, poop on them, and hiss at and chase people who try to walk by. Anyway, this cat is my favorite. He usually hangs out very close to my building, and he's unmistakable because he has one bad eye (he had an infection when he was a kitten, several years ago). He especially likes to nap right next to the outdoor stairway I take to my office in the morning. He always has an air of peace and contentment about him.


Nancy said...

Happy blogversary!

eve said...

Happy anniversary and I thanks for your greetings!!

I do have a good day so long!

Thanks you!!


Kim said...

Happy blogiversary! I'm so excited we're getting solar electricity at our house this fall too!