27 September 2007

I want salmiakkilakvitsikuvio!

I recently participated in a candy swap via Swap-Bot. I sent candies to someone in San Diego; I think she enjoyed them, but that couldn't have been very exotic for her, since I live only 400 miles away. Lucky me, though--I received my candies from someone in Finland, and they arrived today. Now, I haven't actually eaten any of them yet, but I'm already pleased as can be because of the packaging. Here are some samples:

Wikipedia tells me that Snork is a character from the Moomin cartoons. I don't know if this as as funny in Finnish as it is to an English speaker, but you try saying "snork froken" with a straight face.

Next, we have two samples from a genre of candy that doesn't exist in the US:

Another couple of Wikepedia searches reveal the fact that Horna and Lordi are both Finnish heavy metal bands of the sort that wear lots of makeup. Heavy metal candy! Which makes the name of this next candy especially funny:

But it is not named after a makeup-wearing metal group. The Horna and Lordi candies are salty licorice, by the way. Mmmm. I like salty licorice--and nobody else in the house does, so I don't have to share. The next candy is licorice, too, but it relates to automotive metal rather than musical:

And than there's the Krapu candy, which has a picture on it of a lobster/crab creature:

I hope it's not crab-flavored! Finally, there's nothing really odd about this last candy, except that my brain insists on reading it as latka. Latka candy is a taste sensation I could live without.

There were lots more candies as well, and some teas. I haven't received such a fun thing in the mail in a long time!

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Momwithahook said...

Cool Swap! I love swaps from other countries. You can learn a lot about the them from items sent to you. Once I received Peppermint Licorice gum from France and it was really good. Thanks for sharing.
Momwithahook from swap-bot