05 September 2007

Quick update

I've been neglecting blogging in favor of far less important things--like the beginning of the semester. Tomorrow I teach an Intro class to 100 or so 18-year-olds. I can't complain to my department Chair, either, because she is me.

So here's a quick round-up of what's up:
  • I'm close to finishing a sweater for afghans for Afghans. I like how it's turning out--very colorful--but I'm not honestly looking forward to the crochet edging.
  • Tonight I start another 8 weeks of ceramics class. Maybe this time I'll learn wheel throwing. And manage to produce something slightly less caveman-like. Or maybe not.
  • We went to Ikea last weekend--oh, how I love going to Ikea!--and bought an area rug for the family room. Of course, we also came home with a car full of other Ikea stuff. The rug is an Oriental rug with geometric patterns. I'm happy with it.
  • I walked out of my office this afternoon, having been locked up inside since 8:30, and just about choked. It seems that a fire in Plumas County, something like 170 miles from here, is sending smoke our way. You may be able to see a nifty satellite image here. It's quite hazy out and smells strongly of fire, which I know can't be good for anyone's lungs.
  • Zappos rocks. I suddenly decided rather late Sunday night that I needed new shoes. So I went to Zappos, which has a great selection and nice search feature. I placed my order, and, despite the holiday on Monday and Zappos's claim that they can't ship on holidays, those shoes were on my feet by 7pm Tuesday. And shipping was free.
  • Watch this cute video on Neatorama.


Emily said...

I'd a slide like that in my backyard, but then again, I don't really have a backyard at the moment. And, boy, do I wish Zappos did free international shipping too.

Good luck with all that smoke in the air and with the class. :)

Angela said...

Hi Phyllis!

Wow, sounds like things are pretty crazy there. Sorry to send you all my knitting questions - don't worry about responding - just hang in there!


Mim said...

You are making me want to knit again, I'd put it aside in the heat of summer, thinking It'll NEVER be cold again!! But, guess what, it's chilly here today. I love it. Out come the knitting needles! I'm back to knitting for The Ships Project. Thanks for the push.