10 September 2007

Singapore Socks

Alvina in Singapore and I have swapped several times--I think we just completed our fourth. Look at the cute socks she knitted for me this time. They're very soft, too. Perfect for wearing around the house when the weather turns cold. Thanks Alvina!
I am happy to read in my last post's comments that some of my Republican friends have Seen the Light regarding El Presidente. Now, did you ladies see this article today? ;-)
Ginny, I got the vest pattern right off the afghans for Afghans site. It went quickly (other than the crochet, anyway) and used up bits of stash yarn. And I'd be thrilled to send you crochet edgings in the future. It's not that I have anything against crochet per se. It definitely has its uses, especially as an edging. One of my grandmothers crocheted, and well into her 80s she could whip out a blanket it nothing flat. But to me, it's like endless picking up of stitches. And I hate picking up stitches. I like all my stitches to be worked to be lined uyp, all orlderly on my left needle.


Kelly said...

Those socks are so cute! They do looks soft and comfy.

I go could on and on about the man but I won't but I too am counting the days unitl he's out of office!

Angela said...

Great socks, Phyllis! Adorable. I though they were for one of the Things until you said they were for you - they look little bitty! (No offense to your feet!)

And no, I didn't see the brain article regarding liberals vs. conservatives, but that's quite interesting!

I made some more progress on Lizard Ridge #2 today, but didn't quite get finished with the second "set" of the block as I'd hoped. But it's turning out beautifully. It's so fun to see what color pops up next!

Knatolee said...

Okay, the socks look like baby booties. How small ARE your feet? (asks Miz Size Ten!)

I need a Stephen Harper countdown clock on my blog, except none of us know when the hell he's going. I actually think he's WORSE than GW, if you can possibly imagine... he certainly isn't original enough to do anything but EMULATE Bush!