13 December 2007

22, Dora, and a holiday miracle

Voila--Lizzie square number 22! The next to last block is on my needles already.
Thing 2 received a learn to sew kit as a Hanukkah present. The kit makes a felt Dora puppet. She really enjoyed sewing it, and here she is enjoying the fruits of her labor. She's sitting on several pillows, in what we have named the Princess and the Pea Method of watching TV.
Incidentally, see that Ikea stool next to her? One of these days I'm going to explain why I think these stools are among the Best Products Ever.

In yesterday's post I mentioned that Tuesday night I received a FedEx package of Recchiuti chocolates. I'd ordered a couple boxes as gifts for friends, plus one for myself. I have to make it through the end of the semester somehow. Well, yesterday I received another box containing the exact same items as the first. Apparently, through some hiccup they'd shipped a duplicate of my order. I called them today, and the very nice person said I get to keep the duplicate for free. It's a holiday miracle. ;-)


Angela said...

Extra chocolate (and FREE chocolate) is always a sign of miraculous intervention! LOL! And Block 22 looks great. I can't believe you're almost done! Wheee!

Emily said...

Wow. What a nice gift for YOU! I love having good customer service...a rarity in France.