12 December 2007

Random Wednesday Thoughts

  • Last night the Fed-Ex guy delivered a package to our house at 9:50 pm. Which was okay with me, because the package contained Recchiuti chocolates. If I could have only one kind of sweet for the rest of my life, it would be Recchiuti fleur de sel caramels.
  • I am currently eyebrow-deep in final exams and term papers. I was trying to grade papers today for my scientific evidence class while eating some noodle soup for lunch, but when I got to the part in someone's paper where she was discussing the rates at which dead human brains become semi-liquid, I decided to eat first and grade later.
  • It's a hazard this time of year: I'm daydreaming of vacations. We try to take one big family trip a year. In 2007 it was Disneyworld, and 2008 will be a Disney cruise in the Caribbean. We haven't settled on a 2009 destination yet. What would you all suggest? It doesn't have to involve Disney. :-) In 2009, the Things will be 9 and 6. My best ideas so far: Montreal, Hawaii, or a Mediterranean cruise with maybe a stay in Barcelona.
  • Winter Knitty is up. Several of the projects have my interest.
  • Read this on Yahoo! today. All I can say is, thank goodness it wasn't my kid.

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Mim said...

I vote for Barcelona. The Things might enjoy the park designed by Gaudi. Have you been to Puerto Rico? It's pretty sweet. It seems foreign and yet it's the U.S. The people are all very friendly, even when you aren't on the resort strip. on another note: I'd love to send you a sampling of some teas I got on my trip. How can we exchange e-mail?