20 December 2007

More pottery

Last night was the last night of the session for my ceramics class. I took several things home.

The vase thing above is actually probably my favorite thing I've made so far. I really like how the glaze turned out. It's a pretty big piece--about 8" long and 6" tall.

This piece is a smaller variation on the same theme. I'm not sure why I put a hole there. I guess I just like holes. And I like the glazed/unglazed effect on this piece, too.

It's hard to capture the color of this dish--it's actually a slightly irridescent, purply red. I'm very fond of it and will use it on other pieces. This dish lost one of its feet in the kiln and is now lopsided, so I'm going to have to glue something on to replace it.

I'm going to miss the class, but I do plan to sign up again for the next session, which begins in late January.


Robin's Reports said...

Are your pots for plants? I can see a beautiful red geranium hanging through that hole in the middle piece.

Congrats on getting all your blocks done. I love the blue ones.

Knatolee said...

You are SO creative and SO productive! Awesome work!!