17 December 2007


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the very last Lizard Ridge block:

Of course, Lizzie's not yet an FO. The blocks need blocking, then sewing, and then the whole thing will need a zillion miles of (shudder) crochet edging. But the knitting is done.

Over the weekend, I made peppermint bark with the Things, to give to T2's teachers as a gift. T2 was Official Stirrer and Product Tester.


Angela said...

You are like the Lizzie Block FACTORY! How are you making these things so fast!? You rock! Congratulations on reaching this milestone! I can't wait to hear how the sewing and dreaded crocheting goes!
PS I love the blue block. Gorgeous colors that remind me of water in a pool. The last one is neat too - looks sort of like watermelon-y colors.
I'm still stuck back on 8 (or is it 7?) probably until Christmas is over. Right now I'm just trying to keep my head above water :-0

eve said...

Congratulations!! Now you'll have to sew it up fast otherwise it'll lay in a corner during summer! What are christmas holidays for? Sewing a blanket ;-)) !!

I'm sooo curious to see the final blanket!!


Knatolee said...

Oh, EXCELLENT!!! You're a knittin' machine! I can't wait to see this all put together.

Guess what I am making today? Your peppermint bark recipe! But I could NOT find any normal candy canes at the stores last night. I couldn't believe it!! I ended up buying these Christmas tree-shaped ones (sort of a coiled candy cane) because at least they had real peppermint oil in them. Unfortunately they also have this icing decoration things on them that I am going to have to pick off! Pray for me. ;)