31 January 2008


If you don't want to read a rant, click away now.

Planning a cross country airline trip with young kids is a delicate operation, especially when you must arrive in time to catch a boat, and when it's this time of year, and the weather in places like Chicago and Denver is chancy. So of course I planned well in advance. I searched around for suitable air itineraries for weeks, finally booking our plane tickets back in November.

We leave tomorrow.

So I was informed this morning that our 11:50 am flight had been cancelled, and instead we are booked on a 6:30 am flight. We live 100 miles from the airport, so that means having to get moving in the middle of the night. Plus, the airline didn't bother rebooking our connecting flight, so we now had a 6 hour layover in Atlanta. Lovely. I called this morning, and was able to get an earlier flight out of Atlanta, but Hubby's seat is at the front of the plane, mine is 30 rows back, and the Things have no seats at all.

The airline claims they had emailed me in the past about the flight cancellation, but, despite receiving 20,000 emails from them concerning their frequent flyer club, I never got that one particular message. And the only reason I booked this particular airline to begin with was that 11:50 flight.


Shall I name the offending airline? Its name starts with D and it rhymes with Hellta.

I am so ready for sandy beaches and umbrella drinks.


thegabbyknitter said...

How frustrating this all must be. I hope all goes well tomorrow and you all have a good time!

Emily said...

How frustrating! I recently had similar experiences with airlines and it sucks. I hope it all works out.

I also heard you have more Cassis and Peach tea on it's way to you! :)

Robin's Reports said...

I'm sorry to hear that. At least when you get here, the weather will be approx 79 deg. Beaches are nice. Lots of umbrella drinks. If you have spare time, there is Grills Restaurant on south side of the port. Yummy seafood.