30 January 2008

Misc stuff

Still no FOs to show. There are space expeditions that put less time into preparation than I have foe this cruise. On top of that, Thing 2 had a cold. She's now mostly recovered, but of course she generously passed the virus onto me. Thanks, kid.

A colleague at work sent me a link to a Dutch department store. Click here, and wait a few moments. Don't worry--no knowledge of Dutch required.

Neatorama recently had a link to this creative esty seller.

Some friends and I took a 3 hour glass fusing workshop last weekend. It was so fun! I could easily have worked many more hours. Now I want to sign up for a longer, more advanced class. I don't have my finished pieces back yet, but I'll post pictures when I do.

I still haven't blocked and assembled my Lizzy afghan. Some day soon.


Crowzma said...

I love the Hema!!! Best rookworst in the Netherlands. Definitely stop at one whenever you're in the country and get a rookworst. Cute ad for their new website.

dephal said...

I don't eat mammals, so I'll have to pass on the rookworst. But if I ever make it beyond the airport in the NL, I will definitely make a stop at Hema.