25 January 2008

Quick Stuff

I've been mostly MIA lately. Knitting-wise, I'm working on a lacy scarf in Handmaiden Sea Silk. But I haven't had much time to knit, so my progress has been very sloooooooow. I may finish by next winter at this rate.

We're getting ready to leave soon for a 1 week Disney cruise in the Caribbean. For some reason, this trip has required inordinate amounts of preparation. I plan to make up for it by spending many hours doing nothing but drinking umbrella drinks and reading novels. And the Caribbean is sounding good now, too, as we are in the throes of what passes for winter here in the San Joaquin Valley. Gray skies, damp weather, wind, chilly temps. Fooey.

I came upon a fun website in which you build your own city. The more people that visit, the bigger your city gets. Please visit Ruthieville and click on one of the boxes in the bottom left. You can visit once a day. :-)

Speaking of Ruthie, she was recently diagnosed with arthritis in her knee. We're trating it with Rimadyl, which is helping. I hate seeing my pets get old. Furgie will be 19 in March!

I think I've mentioned this here before, but this video from Get Mortified is the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time. Watch it when you're having a hard day, and just try not to laugh. Click on "I HATE DRAKE" next to the video box.

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