18 January 2008

New Socks

My Mom made me some socks. :-)


Robin's Reports said...

I'm beginning to have the impression that knitters never do anything in solids. Am I right? (vbg)

Lauren said...

Hey, that's not true. Sometimes I do things in solids... Not often, but sometimes.

Besides, why would I use solid yarn when there are so many yummy colors?

Lauren (and Bodhi, who does not knit)

Emily said...

What a nice mom. Those look great!

eve said...

Hey, I have exactly the same socks!
Look here


How cool is that? And I got them also as a gift.


Knatolee said...

Ooooh, I love them!

I am trying to finish the silk/alpaca hat I gave Gordon for Christmas. Well, I gave him the swatch and needles and yarn! :)))