01 January 2008

Happy New Year!

I've been busy the last few days. I spent the weekend in San Francisco with my Mom and Thing 1. We stayed at the Sir Francis Drake. Here's the view from our window (which needed washing on the outside). That's Grace Cathedral slightly right of center.

New Year's Eve was quiet. We watched the Twilight Zone marathon on tv and I knitted. T1 was allowed to stay up until midnight. T2 went to bed at her normal time, but I brought her downstairs near midnight. She didn't remember that at all this morning.

I had a good crop this year on my Meyer Lemon tree. Last week I made some really delicious lemon pudding cake, but it actually didn't use many lemons. So today I made a lemon-almond cake:

It's good, too, although I preferred the first cake. I think if I make the almond one again, I'll increase the amount of candied ginger. Due to a tragic sugar-related accident, I ended up short 1 egg white half-way through baking. Thing 1 had to run around the niehgborhood, finding someone home who had a spare egg. I knew that kid was good for something.

I still have more lemons left. I think I might just make a batch of really good lemonade.

Do you remember when I was searching for some peche cassis tea last month? Well, apparently that brand is completely obscure. Fortunately for me, though, Emily in France found another brand of the same flavor. She sent me enought to tide me over for a little while:

Thanks, Emily!

I wish all of you a new year filled with joy, good health, and, most of all, peace!


Emily said...

You're welcome and thank you!

Is Thing 2 sleeping with her eyes open in that photo? :)

Angela said...

I love the Sir Francis Drake! I stayed there in 2000 on a visit with my two aunts. Tons of fun and very centrally located for what we wanted to see and do.

And I adore Meyer lemons. You've got all my favorites going on out there in CA! I can usually find Meyers at our Whole Foods store, but only at certain times of the year. I love Meyer lemon juice in hot tea or even just hot water (like a lemon tea).