11 April 2008

Done Stuff

I feel buried in work so today I took a Mental Health Day and made a doll instead. Here's Princess Thing 2. I guess she likes cactuses (cacti?):

And I brought home several ceramics items this week. I'm working on an outerspace theme for a bathroom wall. Here's the rocket and a planet, which T2 has decided is Saturn:

These are just some miscellaneous little dishes, because you can never have too many places to collect broken toys, marbles, beads, spare change, keys, and other miscellaneous crap:

One of my classmates decided that the blob in the center of the larger bowl, which is actually just a random splotch of melted glass, looks like a Scottie dog:

What do you think? Hey--it's a Rorschach Bowl!

I haven't finished any knitting lately. I've been working on a scarf, which is exactly what I need, since it's in the 80's this weekend. We just watched the last few episodes of Season 5 of Buffy, which were too exciting to pay too much attention to the tricky parts of the scarf.


Robin's Reports said...

Everybody needs a Mental Health Day once in a while. I'm going to a Ladies only conference next Saturday.

Anyhow, I love all the pieces you've done. You're right. You can never have enough things to hold broken things. I have stuff like that too.

As for my dessert, it is toffee bits, chocolate chips on a yellow cake. I'll post up the recipe on Sunday if I get a chance. It was delish & rich tasting.

Knatolee said...

Love your creativity, and the doll is super. And I see a Scotty dog too...

Mim said...

I used to take my kids out of school randomly for mental health days. We'd drive up to the overlook on Afton Mountain near Charlottesville, Virginia. As adults, they know to take mental health days because of those trips. Funny about knitting when it's hot, I just finished a pair of fingerless gloves and it's warming up here, too. Oh, I see the scotty dog, too.