26 April 2008


Dinosaurs roamed the earth the last time I had a knitted FO. So here's the scarf I finished last night. The yarn is lovely, lovely Malabrigo Baby Merino laceweight, and the pattern was a freebie from Imagiknit. It was a perfect pattern for knitting in front of Buffy (and we're now finally in the 7th season).

I adore this yarn. It took only one skein for this scarf--in fact, I have a little left over. And of course, the scarf will come in very handy, now that it's 89 degrees outside.

On an unrelated note, thanks for the Croatia tips! I don't know yet whether I'll get to go, but it would be exciting. It would be a business trip, but that's fine. I'd still get to see some sights, I'm sure. I've been to central Europe before--6 years ago I was in Hungary and the Czech Republic--but never Croatia, which sounds like a very interesting place. If I do go, it'll probably be a short trip, because I already have some other travel booked for June. I doubt I'll have time to visit Annecy, alas, Emily. :-( Would love to visit Trieste, too, which is only about 100 miles from Zagreb.


eve said...

The scarf looks great! I'll cross my fingers, that you can make it to croatia.


Robin's Reports said...

That is an interesting pattern. It looks so hard to do.

I don't have any info on Croatia. Sorry.

PS: I always like to see the Bush Countdown on your page. I'm so over him. :o)

Knatolee said...

GORGEOUS,just gorgeous!!

Hey, last night I started working on the beaded scarf kit you sent me. :) (Yes, I'm a little slow.)