07 April 2008

Saturday Fun

On Saturday, I spent a lovely day with a friend in Petaluma. We just just hung around downtown Petaluma, gabbing and shopping. There is a really good bookstore there, Copperfields, and also a very nice yarn store called Knitterly. I may have come home with some books and yarn. One of the things I like about that town is that, except for an inevitable Starbucks, all the stores and restaurants downtown are independent rather than chains. It's refreshing.

Meanwhile, Hubby took the Things up to the mountains. Thing 1 knows how to ski, but Hubby couldn't ski with her due to his still-healing broken foot. Instead, he signed her up for a snowboard lesson. She loved it.

And while T1 snowboarded, T2 and Hubby threw snowballs and made snowmen and sledded.

It was the last weekend of the season at that ski resort, and, as you can see, the snow is getting sparce. In fact, Hubby and T2 apparently spent an hour watching an event in which people on snow skis attempt to water ski:

So a good time was had by all.


Emily said...

Looks like fun!

I'm off to Paris on Wednesday where I'll come across the only Starbucks I've yet to see in France.
Must. Not. Go. In.

dephal said...

Oooh! I'm envious! I'd be able to avoid Starbucks, I think. I'm proud to say I've never visited an American food restaurant chain while I've been overseas. Although I might've gone to the Burger King in Budapest if I'd known it was the only place in town with decent air conditioning.

Angela said...

Okay, this looks like tremendous fun except that those people skiing into the water had to be frozen to death! Makes me cold just to SEE it. BRRRRR!!!

Knatolee said...

Things 1 and 2 are righteous dudettes!!!!