17 April 2008

More Pottery

I'll bet you're dying to see more of my ceramics masterpieces, right? Here ya go. This first one is a wall pocket. I think it looks kind of ogre-ish. One of my classmates said it reminds her of a character in The Goonies.

Next, we have a pair of little cups. I think they look like they need ice cream in them. Or maybe a frivolous liqueur. Once, on a hot, muggy day in Germany, I was served mango sorbet with a little champagne poured on top. These cups would do for that, too. This is as close to a matched set as I'm ever going to produce. I like how the glaze turned out.

My final item was made at Thing 1's special request. She wanted a mermaid to hang in her bathroom. I was skeptical about my abilities in this regard, but I have to tell you, I really am very pleased with the result. I think it's my favorite thing I've made so far. She's happy with it, too.


Giuli said...

Hi, I just take a tour on your fantastic blog. I wish to do any object in pottery, I love cups and charms. I'll read you often to learn how to find pottery and paint. Giuli in Italy! (This week end I'll shop and I'll write you sooner)

Leanne said...

I especially like the wall pocket. Very cool. Nice job on all of them!

Jo said...

The cups remind me of Chip from Beauty & the Beast! Haha! Nice works! You're really a genius! ;)