08 April 2008


I was kinda having a crappy day. Nothing awful in particular, just one of those drudge-filled days where not enough gets accomplished and everybody seems discontented. And then I heard about Improv Everywhere, which "causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places." Basically, they pull pranks, but they're funny and often really good-hearted. They've had several no-pants days, and recently made some Little Leaguers really happy. They made me smile.

Also, late this afternoon I got an enigmatic email from my Dean asking whether I have a valid passport, and if so, whether I might be interested in going to Croatia for a week this summer. I'll have to wait for the morning to find out what that's all about, but it does sound promising. Or maybe she just wants to get rid of me for a while? ;-)


Angela said...

Sorry you had a rough day! If you want to feel instantly better about your day, take a look at my blog and see what's left of our backyard. At least the water is back on!

Giuli said...

My name is Giuliana, I'm a mum of 36, and I live in Italy.
I've taken a look to your blog trought GIMME YOUR STUFF.
I wish to trade Japanese craft books (felt, sewing and embroidery) or magazine (especially Cotton & Paint and similar), japanese fabric.
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Do you trade again?
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have a nice day!