17 May 2008

Blah, and stuff

  • Today is our third day in a row in triple digits. Yesterday it hit 106. Hot weather isn't unusual here, but for goodness sake, it's only mid-May!
  • Thanks, all, for the Croatian yarn tips. It looks like I may have a free day while I'm there, and I will hunt down some fiber if I can. The rest of my time will be spent working. I have to give a lecture, which will apparently be translated into Croatian. I've never had a lecture translated before--should be interesting. I'll also be visiting a prison or two, which I'm actually looking forward to. Some of us make eccentric tourists, I guess.
  • Since we finally finished Buffy a couple weeks ago, I've now started in on Angel. I'd watched quite a bit of Buffy when it originally aired, but only an episode or two of Angel. I'm keeping track of the percentage of episodes that show David Boreanaz bare-chested. So far, we're 3/7, although one of those 3 did have 2 separate bare-chested scenes, so maybe that counts twice. I haven't watched any network tv since the writers' strike began, and I don't miss it at all.
  • My ceramics class ended this week. I made a few nice things--I'll try to get some pix up soon. We did raku on the last night, which is really fun and produces some pretty results.
  • I am so ready for the semester to end! Finals begin this coming week. I'm buried in term papers. And I have 2 different book deadlines and that lecture to prepare, all by May 30. Ick. Who needs a life?


Knatolee said...

106??!! I think you need a vacation. NOW!! I hear Croatia is nice. :)

Nancy said...

I loved Angel in the first season but it lost me about mid-way through the second. I did start up again in the final season.

It has it's moments. I think the most interesting thing is to see how David Boraneaz's acting improved from season one of Buffy to the final season of Angel. He went from a model who did some acting to an actor.

Robin's Reports said...

I'm so "over" school. My brain is burned out since we tested 2 wks ago. Kids are still working but I haven't done much grading.

Sorry to hear about the temps. We just had our first raindrop in over a month's time. My yard was turning brown and crunchy.

Connordog said...

Hey now, if you want to see more of David B, check out Bones( it's in reruns now on TNT I think.... ) definitely worth the watch!