07 May 2008

Croatian Yarn?

So, I have my tickets to Zagreb. I have an 8 hour layover in Paris, which is probably not long enough for it to be worthwhile to leave the airport. Oh well. I have a tight connection in Paris on the way home--maybe I'll miss it and tragically find myself stuck there an extra day. Anyone know of any yarn stores in Zagreb? Anybody at least know how to say "yarn" in Croatian?


Crowzma said...


Online help at the ready ...

Anonymous said...

All the best Zagreb. Unfortunately I do not knowhow to say "yarn' or "wool" in Croatian.

But needed say once again thankyou for the postcard of Modesto (US-181685).

I guess Paris is also one of your dream destinations. Who knows maybe your dream may come true.

Havea safe journey.

South Australia

KnittingBlueContent said...

One word: ravelry

I think you would have great luck finding someone to help you on this.

A knitting friend in Bakersfield is going to Estonia soon, and found alot of knitting-related information from a few Estonian ravelers.

Agnes Riedmann said...

Hi, Phyllis!
I found your blog, now that grading is finished--and I love it. It's fun!
.....keep packing....and being the artist that you are.