26 May 2008

Finally, finished stuff!

Am I excited about my trip in a few days? Da! Am I ready? Ne! I still have to prepare the lecture that I'll be presenting there, and get a few stray term papers and exams graded, and pack, and.... At least I have mastered two important words in Croatian. I bought a phrasebook. Way back in college I took 3 years of Russian. I still remember a little, which may come in handy, as it looks like the two languages have a lot of similarities (although Croatian is written in the Roman alphabet rather than Cyrillic).

In the meantime, here are some actual FOs!

This knitted and felted purse isn't actually quite an FO--I still need to add a closure of some kind. But it's at least nearly done. I would've preferred a longer strap, but I ran out of brown. It's a fun pattern to make, other than requiring a zillion rows of 6-stitch i-cord.

These are all candleholders. The one in the middle is an experiment--the idea is that the flame will make shadows through that hole. Haven't tried it yet. The one on the right even has a title: Keep(er) of My Heart. See the little heart inside? The one on the left is intended for someone specific.

The bowl on the left is funky, but it turned out better than I had expected, anyway. I'm not usually into green, but I like this green. The other two things are supposed to be yarn bells. I haven't tried them yet either, so don't know whether they work. I can say I love the glaze on the one in the middle, and of course I have no recollection of which glazes I used.

This is just a bowl. Sadly, the edges cracked a bit during the bisque firing, but it's still usable. I like the red.

And here are top and side views of my favorite things I've made so far. We did a raku firing on the last day of class, and just look how pretty it turned out! Each bowl has just a single glaze on it, and, as you can see, I left the outside of the bowls unglazed, other than the rim on the right one. I don't think the pictures really do the colors justices. I love raku!


Mim said...

I'm so impressed that you have time to make all the things you make, considering all the other things you do. I feel like a slacker! Have an excellent visit to Croatia. Looking forward to hearing/reading about it.

Emily said...

Your pottery looks great! Have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to your photos.

Angela said...

Everything looks great! Have a wonderful trip to Croatia and tell the Things to take good care of Ruthie while you're gone!

In your honor, since you have inspired me with your like fifteen FO's, I will try to finish my current Lizzie Block. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!


sibtigre2 said...

Have fun in Croatia! It sounds exciting. And I hope you find some interesting yarn. ;) And I love the things you made in your ceramics class. I really should see if I can find one in my area. I really enjoyed messing with clay when I was younger. Mind you, I never really made anything good I just had lots of fun messing with it. :)

sibtigre2 said...

Forgot to mention....I *love* the felted purse! Which pattern is it?